What we offer

we have the expertise in big data strategies, tools and processes

At Datacrats, we have the expertise in big data strategies, tools and processes to derive actionable and timely insights from mountains of disparate data that enterprises collect each day. Our specialists have pioneered big data analytics solutions for leading organizations around the world and we offer comprehensive services to:

  • help you to optimise your organisational processes and to make key business decisions using data intelligence
  • harness the power of advanced analytics to realise the full value of your operational and business data
  • Enterprise Data Management Service

    Enterprise Data Management Service

    IT and Data Strategy Consulting & Solutions. Delivering Processes for Data Dimensioning, Cleansing, Mashing, Mining, ETL Automation, Data Validation & Verification
  • Data Visualisation & Data-centric Business Planning Service

    Data Visualisation & Data-centric Business Planning Service

    Focused on enabling our clients to gain insights, develop evidence based decision making processes, and predict future outcomes from data. Data centric strategic planning for business and organizational transition towards adoptions of data centricity
  • Advanced Data Analytics Service

    Advanced Data Analytics Service

    Quantitative & Qualitative solutions using advanced data mining techniques; Time series analysis, predictive analytics. Specializing customer experience analytics, Target marketing, Customer Lifetime Value analysis, Customer segmentation & profiling, and Customer satisfaction studies
  • Data Intelligence Enablement

    Data Intelligence Enablement & Training Service

    On/off-site training courses & workshops delivered via a balanced framework of adoption, work-flow upgrade and integration, enablement and upskilling of work forces to empower organisations with Data Intelligence