Enterprise Data Management – towards data-centricity

The objective of our Enterprise Data Management service is to standardize, add reliability and gain efficiency in the way organisations manage and consume their data.

Data Visualization is critical for competitive advantage

The volume, variety and velocity of big data coming into today’s organization is at unprecedented levels. This impressive growth means that not only must businesses understand big data in order to decipher the information that truly counts, they must also envisage the possibilities of what value can be obtained from it.

Advanced analytics to propel your business forward

With information torrents from diverse sources, both structured and un-structured, organizations are struggling to manage the exploding volume, diversity and complexity of data. Not only is storing data costly, conventional data management practices are a strain on IT resources as well.

Data Intelligence Enablement & Training Service

Our Data Intelligence Enablement & Training service serves as a ring-binder to our service suite. Through this service Datacrats ensures that the Data Intelligence derived and the data-centric assets developed remain sustainable and continue to create value throughout the data value chain.